The Company

Established in 1967 on the island of Chios (Chios Map), the island with the longest marine tradition in Greece, by Vasilis Makris our company started off as a family enterprise named MAK. MAKMARINE has been successfully operating and growing ever since, always putting the satisfaction of our clients first. Our long experience in all aspects of boating enables us to build safe and reliable boats, conforming to the highest quality international standards.

Manufacturing: Cruisers , Boats, Trailers
In our private boatyard, we manufacture the well-known MAK MARINE cruisers and other polyester products which are available both in the Greek and International Markets.
We import boats, inflatables, sailing boats, accessories, electronic equipment and other related products.
We offer: a wide range of greek and international pleasure boats (from other constructors, from 2,5 to 10 meters, all types of marine engines(outboard and inboard), trailers, etc.

Rentals: Cruisers, Boats, Trailers
With our specialized staff we can cater for both boat and marine engine maintenance and repair, as well as storage space.
Contact us about our nearest selling point. Our products are available with or without deposit and payment in up to 72 months.
We are ready to help you … even after the sale.

Vasilis Makris
Company founder in 1967 in Chios

Certification for the
Establishment of our company.